Pocket Paragons

Pocket Paragons: Origins
Featuring 10 original Paragons and a Solo Mode. This is a fantastic starting point!

Pocket Paragons: AEGIS
Featuring 8 Paragons from the combining robots strategy game, AEGIS by Zephyr Workshop.

Pocket Paragons: Temporal Odyssey
Featuring 8 Paragons from the drafting card game Temporal Odyssey by Level 99 Games.

Pocket Paragons: Rivals of Aether
Featuring 8 Paragons from the hit indie video game, Rivals of Aether.

Pocket Paragons: Acq Inc.
Featuring 8 Paragons from Penny-Arcade's on-going DnD campaign.

Pocket Paragons: Space Lion
Featuring 8 Paragons from the Scfi battle game, Space Lion.

Hobby Games

Space Lion: Divide and Conquer
A scifi lane dueling game for 5+ players!

Temporal Odyssey 2
Coming Soon!

Family Games

Frenemy Pastry Party
Bake cakes with your animal friends in this family drafting game.

Treat Please!
Coming Soon!