New Hotness

Space Lion: Divide and Conquer
A scifi lane dueling game for 5+ players!

The Massive-Verse Fighting Card Game
Featuring 8 Paragons from the Massive-Verse. Cross compatible with all Pocket Paragons products.

Pocket Paragons

Pocket Paragons: Rivals of Aether
Featuring 8 Paragons from the hit indie video game, Rivals of Aether.

Pocket Paragons: Acq Inc.
Featuring 8 Paragons from Penny-Arcade's on-going DnD campaign.

Pocket Paragons: Space Lion
Featuring 8 Paragons from the Scfi battle game, Space Lion.

Pocket Paragons: Origins
Featuring 10 original Paragons and a Solo Mode. This is a fantastic starting point!

Pocket Paragons: AEGIS
Featuring 8 Paragons from the combining robots strategy game, AEGIS by Zephyr Workshop.

Pocket Paragons: Temporal Odyssey
Featuring 8 Paragons from the drafting card game Temporal Odyssey by Level 99 Games.

Family Games

Frenemy Pastry Party
Bake cakes with your animal friends in this family drafting game.

Treat Please!
Love cute dogs? Love treats? Treat, Please! Coming soon.